Course Overview

Leadership promotes servant leadership. So, the Course is based on the assumption that all participants are able to live together in a small community that cares enough for one another to share and serve and thus encourage one another to successfully rise to new challenges.

Leadership is broken into 3 stages, each of approximately a 9 days duration.

Whilst the course was developed and is run by BB (Boys’ Brigade) for its members, it is open to other young men who may be involved in a local church or school where a leader who is aware of Leadership supports their readiness to attend.

Stage 1

Stage 1 offers personal challenge (eg. personal development), a look at leadership and leadership styles, development of leadership skills (including communication, problem solving and decision making), teaching skills, and concentrates overall on working together in a Group and developing some understanding of teamwork and group dynamics. As part of the development of teamwork participants undertake a short overnight journey and campout. Coming as a boy the participant will be challenged to go home with assurance that he is on a pathway to solid manhood.

Stage 2

Stage 2 builds on the Stage 1 experience and concentrates on personal decision making, future planning and commitment. The major activity is a three-day/night Solo and the celebration with mates of having completed this challenge. Participants are affirmed in their journey towards authentic manhood. The Course also encourages participants to look outwards beyond themselves to see their place and ministry in their community.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is developed specifically each year to meet the desires and needs of that group of participants in a context of discipleship. Each year Stage 3 staff work with participants to include in their own Course topics of current concern and interest. Participants work in duos and are treated as men ready to define their place and their mission in this world, including the development and presentation of a personal mission statement.

Registration Process

Participants who are interested in attending Stage 1 will talk to a person who is aware of Leadership to get their support ot attend and then submit an application once registrations open.

For Stage 2 and 3 participants, they will receive an invitation to register when applications open.

The online process will generate the completed application form and will provide further information as to payment and pre-course requirements.